International Sales Agents

The following companies have been appointed as the exclusive agents for Saphex 2018 in their respective regions. If you are considering your participation in the Saphex Show 2018 and are based in any of these countries, please contact the agents directly for more information. If your country is not listed, please contact Saphex directly to make your enquiries.

Contact: Jessica Carruthers OR Lynn Amey via email: jessica@saphex.co.za / la@saphex.co.za

North Africa

Contact: Yassine Bouajaja

Telephone: +212661203416

Email: yassine@norphex.com


Company: Beijing Canluso Co., LTD

Contact: Lucie Liu

Telephone: +86 10 51768044 ext 804

Email: canluso@163.com


Company: Maxton Global Ltd

Contact 3: Ashish Jain

Email: ss@maxtonexpo.com

Telephone: +91 99208 46950


Company: EI Group

Contact 1: Mr Amit Yadav

Email: amity@eigroup.in


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