SAPHEX Smart Hub


Africa is being hailed as the single largest growth market on the planet, boasting a massively growing population, a changing affluence, more and more people moving out of poverty than ever before, with all these factors resulting in citizens having a newly-found disposable income.

With a return to economic growth, increased political stability and continued eastern investment, Africa has been spurred back into the spotlight as a leading frontier market. The continent is unique in the way that it has been able to utilize technological innovation such as the use of mobile technology.

Combine this with the continued hungriness for growth and development amongst the relevant stakeholders and you have the ideal breeding ground for innovative ideas and businesses to grow from initial inception, to marketable products and services.

The ‘Start-up Smart-hub’ is the latest addition to the SAPHEX 2018 event, devised in response to communications we received from start-up companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors in Africa.

This dedicated section housed within the commercial exhibition at SAPHEX will specifically host some of the hottest start-up companies in the sector. This will give new companies a platform to inform the market about what new ideas, technologies and products are coming up in the industry.

If you are involved in early stage development of a business which has a pharma sector focus and advantages to healthcare our ‘Start-up Smart-hub’ is the perfect platform to showcase your new venture. With only 10 spaces available within the Smart-hub, ensure you book early and grab your place amongst some of the biggest names in pharma.

Here’s how it can work for you!

Gain an understanding of the full African pharmaceutical ecosystem and access a network full of high-level pharma execs including c-suite and director level professionals, plus meet like-minded startups & scaleups with a guaranteed pool of potential customers and investors. Here’s the details;

– Gain full access to our event as an exhibitor
– Exhibit in the ‘Start-up Smart-hub’ on purpose built exhibition pod, with branding & displays
– Access all the conference areas and networking events
– Receive branding and your business description on www.saphex.co.za
– Profile and listing in the event programme
– Profile on the ‘Start-up Smart-hub Newsletter’ sent to over 100,000 pharma professionals
– Presentation slot live at SAPHEX via our dedicated technical conference arena


If you would like to be a part of this exciting addition to the SAPHEX event, please email us here sc@saphex.co.za.

Having a great business idea alone is no longer enough. Customers now want to know the story behind the business, what it stands for and why they should care!

SAPHEX will offer a dedicated platform LIVE at the event where you will be able to pitch and deliver your business or product to our audience. This gives you the chance to give valuable insight and improved understanding of your business and your products with the aim of receiving questions and feedback.

SAPHEX brings together leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, European and global organizations, investors, government agencies and many more.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.